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25GB Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
Host Upto 20 Domains
24/7 Tech Support
Free/Instant Set- Up
10GB Storage
100GB Bandwidth
Host Upto 10 Domains
24/7 Tech Support
Free/Instant Set- Up
4GB Storage
40GB Bandwidth
Host Upto 5 Domains
24/7 Tech Support
Free/Instant Set- Up


CU Hosting Solutions Guarantees 99.9% Uptime.

Reason which differentiates from others is that we offer Real 99.9% uptime Guarantee. For each hour of continuous downtime we credit double the amount the client pays us. We do this as we believe that our Clients pay us their hard earned money to get the best service and not for Downtime.

Our Credit Criteria is as below:

If a client orders a Plan for $10/mo then he is paying $10/30*24(=$0.014) per hour. If he faced a downtime of 10 hrs in a month then we will credit his account with $0.14*10*2(double the amount the client paid us)=$0.28. This amount will be deducted from the clients next due invoice, i.e. he has to pay $9.72 for the next month.

The clients account will be credited within 72hrs the after the end of the month. In case of any dispute our decision will be final.


We are always there with you and if you have any question then feel free to Contact Us any time.
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Forum Launched!

Our new Forum Support has been launched and we Welcome All our Clients to have a look at it. Here our clients can interact between themselves and help each other. We hope that this will help our clients very much.

more news!

Really fast servers and Great Service. I have been hosting for 4+ months with CU Hosting Solutions and I am really very happy as I faced no significant Downtime.






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